Podcast: In conversation with Sheila Kean

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Tides, trust and teaching cranial work

Sheila is one of the easiest people to teach with, I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the last couple of years. We took the chance to do the above podcast whilst recently teaching together in London. It is 18 minutes of her talking about how she got into cranial work, finding trust, using felt sense, resonance, and clarity around anatomy as aids to knowing and, about 2/3's of the way through, some really interesting thoughts on the expression of tides as a continuum, rather than three distinct levels. 

Her style is very down to earth and refreshing. She makes potentially complex theoretical subjects accessible and immediately relevant. She has been teaching cranial work for around 15 years and is currently involved in Body Intelligence courses in Canada, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpar and more to come. Here is her biography: 

Sheila Kean – is a senior tutor in craniosacral therapy and has been teaching since 1992, working in Canada, USA,  Australia and New Zealand with Resonance Trainings. She has had a busy practice in Stroud, UK since 1986. Sheila also runs a massage school in Stroud, though having just moved to Cornwall she will begin to teach massage there very soon. She was a National Childbirth Trust teacher educating couples for the birth of their babies. Sheila is deeply committed to imparting the simplicity and truth at the heart of this work. She aims to bring the wealth of information gleaned from her clinic practice into her teaching, equipping students to move into practice with confidence. Her practice reflects this interest and experience. She lives with her partner and has two children.