Ged Sumner is offering an ongoing series of free webinars on the following subjects. The webinars will be recorded and put on the BI Youtube site. Each webinar will include a 30 minute presentation with a slideshow of images. Followed by a guided experiential exercise.

Upcoming Webinar Recordings

the relational field JULY 2018

dealing with anxiety 18 AUGUST 2018 10am Singapore time (link)

how to improve your digestion SEPTEMBER 2018

the mystery of headaches revealed OCTOBER 2018

coming out of depression NOVEMBER 2018

neck and lower back pain resolution DECEMBER 2018

chronic fatigue and how BCST can help JANUARY 2019

post concussion syndrome FEBRUARY 2019

finding joy MARCH 2019

Previous Webinar Recordings

The Legendary Knee


Journey through the Eyes


The Liver is the Most Amazing Organ in the Universe


Why you need to know where your Adrenal Glands are