Black Lives Matter
Body Intelligence organization and tutors are in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).
Racism, discrimination, violence and inequities of all forms, are unacceptable.
Body Intelligence (BI) is a school of healing and as such we care very deeply about and oppose the rampant social injustice, racism and white supremacy that is deeply embedded in our culture.

We stand with community leaders who are actively fighting this system and we support a change that will lead to greater awareness and a culture of inclusion that supports and affirms gender and racial equality. We especially support our BCST students and graduates who have dedicated themselves to this cause and are suffering.

To our student and graduate community: as a community of healers we uphold the values you are fighting for and support you in a field of health and wholeness. We are committed to do our own work, individually and as an organisation, of self-reflection and rooting out the ideas and beliefs of racism that are contributing to the perpetuation of this long entrenched system of social injustice. First and foremost we are committed to the Health of the individual so that actions can be undertaken with clarity and conviction.

We will continue to support diversity, equity and inclusion in our tutor community, profession and trainings, and we continue to encourage BI tutors and students to educate themselves and develop a level of cultural competency that will support the diverse student and client population that more reflects society and the communities they belong to.

BI continues to be committed to make it possible to study this remarkable therapy for the BIPOC community that are financially challenged and wanting to learn and practice the therapy. BI and the former Peoples Movement Community of Minneapolis have collaborated together for their members to take the course. We remain in relationship with this community so that we may continue to offer these opportunities for this and other BIPOC communities. Moreover, we are dedicated to listening and learning more from the BIPOC community and acting accordingly.