Planar Listening

Being in 3 dimensions is part of being a member of the Universe. It seems to be one of the major aspects of it actually. Though sometimes we can feel distinctly 2 dimensional and thats not a great feeling. Anyway here's an easy way to find your 3D. Simply come into relationship with your planes. Most of us in the modern world are oriented to the front part of the sagittal plane. We are so front. So best to start there and notice what happens when you shift to the full sagittal experience of front and back. Yes there is a back! The sagittal plane is significant, its not just an arbitrary plane, it's the body in stereo, a body of two halves. We are a physiological left and right organism and the sagittal plane defines that. So hang out with the plane for a just a minute and notice how your body physically responds. It loves to be reminded of it. Now to plane no.2. The coronal plane. Named after the coronal suture at the top of the head. This one is even more significant. It's the plane of our embryonic disk. So no small thing and a really good reminder to the body to relate back to where it formed from. Best way to get into this plane is open up to the sides of your body. Start with the felt sense of the sides of your head then follow that feeling down the flanks of the torso and outsides of the legs. Now open up to the space left and right. The lateral spaces. This is such a great feeling. It makes you instantly feel spacious. Makes you realize how lacking in lateral space we are. And finally the transverse (or axial plane in the image). This is about the horizontal. Notice the word comes from horizon. Its a plane that is resonant with the horizon and brings all the horizontal structures of your body into communication i.e. all your transverse diaphragms which therefore brings you into relationship with the interior of the body and its volume/length. So that's 3 minutes to find each plane and establish your 3 dimensionality. You can see you can not only use this in daily life but also as a way to establish a state of balance awareness in BCST.