Long Tide and the Yogic state of Kumbhaka

As the body moves into a relationship with its wider unfoldments, the physiology is powerfully affected. Movement towards a wider perceptual framework creates a slowing of heart rate and breath that in Long Tide state becomes very slow and even stops for moments or for a minute and sometimes for many minutes when the state is fully accessed. It's as if the body no longer needs to meet its energetic demands through secondary respiration because it has full access to primary respiration in its purest form. The Long Tide sustains the body. There are many stories of yogis going into the breathless state for days and keeping their body alive through direct access to prana, the life force. Yogis also report the heart stopping in deepest meditation as the body lets go of its need to create prana through physiological effort. All of these phenomena particularly occur when the primal midline is accessed and the body orients to the forces present during early embryological formation. The embryonic fields and midline arise before the body is formed so no wonder the physiology lets go of the body processes. You can follow this yourself by accessing the embryonic fields that are still pat of your system and inviting the emergence of the primal midline. Here's an mp3 audio file that will talk you through it. relational field exercise - embryonic fields live