The other day i was in an art gallery and there was a main atrium area with a domed glass roof. For quite a long time i felt myself just stand there and stare motionless.  It felt like i’d gone into a stillpoint automatically.  I also felt my body adjusting along its length in remarkable ways. Then i realised that the dome was effecting my inner domes. We have our own domes. The body has lots of them in particular the dome of the cranium. Domes of buildings resonate powerfully with the cranial dome. It’s a bit like the dome of your building. There’s some remarkable resonances through the body’s domes from top to bottom. To name a few: Dome of the mouth.  Dome of the diaphragm. Dome of the feet. There’s a feeling when you enter a building that has a big dome as the roof.  it could be a museum, a holy place or a gallery. The feeling is of space and connection. The undertow to it though is the effect it has into your system as a resonance. 

Here’s an awareness exercise to access your domes……….Try standing with an easy posture. Spend a minute making sure you are relaxed in your legs and joints and come into a sense of alignment. Check in with your breath. Stand still for a couple of minutes. Open up to the earth below and know that this is curved too like a dome as is the sky above you.  Let your inner domes resonate with the earth and the sky and track through your felt sense awareness what starts to change in your body. Particularly certain areas and regions. Which structures do you notice become highlighted? Stay with it for five minutes or more and you will feel how remarkably your system transforms.