Coalescing of the Midline

In the beginning were three fluid spaces. Out of these spaces coalesced a midline and the midline became the axis for the development of the body and life. We start off our existence as a new cell that reproduces itself to form a mass of cells. When these cells reach a critical mass (32) they create a new form. A fluid filled space that has a skin (trophoblast) and therefore an inner environment (the early yolk sac). This space becomes two spaces (yolk sac and amniotic cavity) around an interface (embryonic disk) and then another space forms around these two (the chorion). And only then does a midline begin to emerge (primitive streak) and eventually become a solid axis (notochord).The next time you put your hands on someone, try recognizing these facts. That the spaces around the body are older than the midline, they are the precursors of the primal midline. So creating a relational field that acknowledges this brings you into an original state where the midline came out of the fields. In your treatment you can notice the interplay between the midline and the potency field around the body. Making this link creates a huge energy and brings about deep reorganization. Find it in your own system too. Know too that this is a force of nature. Here’s an image of a star coalescing and heres a midline coalescing.