Art of Juggling, Synchronicity and Nervous System Rhythms

Check out the link below for a remarkable adventure in human movement that barely seems possible. The juggler is an American called Michael Moschen who appeared at the Ted convention in 2002 and was a sensation. He basically revealed how his nervous system and muscles can be controlled to produce the most finessed juggling imaginable all framed in an intelligent exploration into the way things move, the way the Universe around us interacts and how we perceive things. What I like about it is the huge effect it has on your nervous system just from watching it. Notice how your system drops into a potency state and how once your nervous system has become entranced the primal midline appears and the ventricles of the brain and chambers of the heart fill with potency and become much more spacious taking your system into a Long Tide state. It’s as if the juggler has enthralled your nervous system so much that it literally drops into a trance. Whenever I want to shift into Long Tide and recuperate I often watch this video.