A Solution for the Brain

One of the difficulties being human is coping with the huge amount of neural activity from an enormous brain. The human brain is the most complex phenomenon in the known universe. And the brain is destined it seems to keep on growing and turning us into Martian look-alikes. We like having animals around us to regulate our brains and remind us of a less cerebral way of living. It’s not easy to live with a big brain. We have become complex in our ways of life, our society, our thinking and abilities to conceptualise and interact, and sometimes it feels like we are being run by our brains. The brain is incessant about its need for biological information both the internal and external environments but also for information about other people and the complex needs of the brain around social interaction, and of course the brain has become an ideas machine. Western society worships creative thinking so much so that we are educated to be unique and creative so we spend our life thinking and ideating furiously, wearing the brain down to the bone. No wonder there is an increase in mental disorders, depression and anxiety. The brain is out of control and needs help - fortunately help is literally at hand. Just next to the brain is the solution, the fluid medium of the central nervous system offers a state of relief that can take the brain into new states of balance and ease.

  • Connection to fluid potency. Let the brain rest in the fluids at its core. Let the brain float in its fluids and the brain will come into the simplicity of the fluid state. Here there is no mind, just fluid presence. Open up to a relationship to the fluid potency here. There is something remarkable about the central nervous system fluids. Sutherland was right there is a very powerful link to the Breath of Life through the cerebrospinal fluid that is unique in the body. Bring your awareness to these fluids that surround the brain and you will start to come into a sense of it - there will be a natural shift to a wider field of awareness that is more enlivening. Stay with it for five minutes and see what has happened to your central nervous system. There is commonly a deregulating of neural activity that results in the brain winding down and less nervous flux that brings the body tone down and you quickly relax. At the same time you also energize but from a fluid state not a nervous or an adrenal one.
  • Connection to your third ventricle. Bringing your awareness to the centre of the brain will create a relationship to an original potency space. The brain has formed around this space and it’s the core of the brain. A fluid core. When you bring a light awareness into this space you experience a powerful shift to a fluid potent state and the ventricle becomes expanded so that the brain suddenly feels like it’s in the ventricle rather than the ventricle in the brain. As above the brain starts to regulate and revitalize. There is a very unique feeling of centredness that comes from third ventricle contact.