A Film About Slime Mould: The Creeping Garden

The Creeping Garden - official trailer from cinema iloobia on Vimeo.

Slime mould has long fascinated the cranial community. The 1950's film by W Seifriz is shown on biodynamic cranial courses worldwide. The protoplasm of slime mould shows rhythmic flow at 50 sec cycles - the same rate as long tide as described by Rollin Becker.

The Creeping Garden - video trailer above - is a whole film about slime mould. In the trailer you can see the flow and its natural reversal. I have not seen the film but it looks great (not sure how to get a copy from poking around their website, not sure it has been released?). There is a book of the film.

Aeon Magazine

'Intelligence is often regarded as residing in some form of central processor that filters information and sends instructions. But an organism without organs – the slime mould – threatens this conception, suggesting that intelligence could be a distributed phenomenon.'  Aeon Magazine

The Creeping Garden

'There’s something mysterious about organless plasmodial slime mould that suggests intelligence where we least expect it'


Quotes from Seifriz

The rhythmic forces in protoplasm are even more basic than the flow.

The rhythm has continued underneath, so to speak, even though the protoplasm has been asleep, there is still something going on. We must be very close indeed to the question ‘What is Life?

There is not one rhythm in protoplasm but many rhythms. Protoplasm is a polyrhythmic system.

Seifriz W (1950?) The Protoplasm of a Slime Mold DVD http://www.booksandbones.com/catalog/protoplasm-slime-mold-dvd