Nourishing the roots of our original generative potency. Practicing BCST with families in the pre and perinatal phase of life. This grad course is about developing skills for being with parents, Prenates, infants, children 0 to 3, and an introduction to working with newborns and the early primitive nervous system in all humans, regardless of age.

Health, wholeness, and the interconnectedness of all life, are an ever present truth that governs this physical plane. What happens in our early formative days, weeks, months and earliest years may shape how directly and clearly we perceive our seamless integrity with all of creation. The nuances of how we are in relationship to our self, others , and the world at large, take on the felt sense of the field dynamics present in the surround of our earliest experiences. The influence of this is particularly impactful through out the first 26 months of life since our conception. Neurobiologists have determined that about 98% of the patterned functioning of our autonomic nervous system is set by the time we are 18 months old. This, like our attachment system, is neuroplastic and open for influence and restructuring at any age. How our autonomic nervous system functions is largely responsible for many lifelong health outcomes.

This is one reason why practicing BCST with pregnant people, newborns, infants, and small children can be profoundly beneficial for the open, flexible, developing nervous systems.

Through participating in this class we can gain more confidence in how to work with pregnant people, and grow a wider field of perception and felt sense of the embodiment process and development of human life. These fields of expression/becoming are vital, powerful, and in so many ways, exemplify the essence of BCST and being human. Learning to listen, and entrain with these powerful forces of creation enhances one’s skills and understanding of the regenerative capacities of living matter. This attunement can bring a whole new dimension to subtle realms, understanding the tides, and healing capacities as a practitioner from the inside out.

There will be a large emphasis on embryology. We will journey with the embryo , and the dynamic process of unfolding, the ancient wisdom within the genetic code of evolutionary mystery, how each of us grew our body. The embryo is a micro masters of manifestation and has a lot to teach us about growth, regeneration, and how to embody a timeless wisdom of profound potency. It is a true honor, and a great gift to be present to the unbridled intelligence of life unfolding from the source of our early origins.

A growing embryo is fluid in its nature and in its developmental dance of growth, is moved and shaped by the waving of the tides. We will learn about and from the mystical movement from stillness into form. Tapping into our own embodied early developmental experience, in a resourcing way, can lead us to a well of clarity and purity to draw meaning and substance from around our own creative impulse and essential nature. We will be guided in ways that can support us to connect with such embodied resources in this class.

Practicing the qualities of deep and wide spaciousness, steadiness , slowness, neutrality, curiosity, reverence, and wonder we will explore topics like:-people attempting to conceive- pregnant families-pregnant bodies/beings through the stages-pre birth sessions-being with birth dynamics-postpartum -Basic introduction to working with newborns-working with infants/children.