This course teaches the relationship of guts to midline in specific detail with regards to the autonomic midline, lymphatic midline, and arterial and venous midlines. Exploring the ever expanding researched Gut-Brain-Axis, and the implicit relationship of the gut biome and mucosa on neurological health. 

This will lead us into exploring some poignant relationships for clinical consideration.

  • the embryological formation of the guts and nervous system, and how these midlines developed together with particular focus on endoderm, (early gut tube) and ectoderm (fluid midline) 
  • the trauma response in hyperarousal and freeze in the light of these anatomical relationships 
  • the enteric nervous system is presented and considered as an independently functioning nervous system.
  • the neurotransmitters that are produced and located in the gut are explored in terms of their possible responsibility in supporting psychological and neurological health.
  • viscerosomatic reflexes and the connection between specific viscera and spinal nerves, and facilitated segments arising from irritated or dysfunctional viscera…and vice versa. 
  • an essential learning about restoring health to the mucousa and microbiome of the gut.
  • Delving into the world of organs, their motility, and sphincters as gateways from each individual ecosystem that generates a health of this whole internal and fascinating creature.