The Immune system is more than a collection of cells dedicated to a single purpose. The Immune system is ALL the cells in the body dedicated to survival. Survival in This Moment. And survival in the most vigorous potent way possible. Rapid adaptability is the name of the game. And the immune system is at the heart of our rapidly evolving, thriving organism. The two major components of the immune system, Innate immunity and Adaptive immunity, require a continuous subtle discreet successful awareness to distinguish between self and not-self, and the means to transmit this information to the whole.

Intercellular communication provides the means by which the entire organism thrives. Each system of the body has developed techniques to ensure survival. And this is what we will be investigating - the profound, instantaneous nature of cellular communication within the context of whole body dynamics.

We will explore the significant roles of DNA, Epigenetics, Plasticity, Membranes, Memory, and Marrow. As well as: Sleep & Rest,Vit D, Nutrition, Pro-biotics, Hormones, Repair & Regeneration

The postgraduate workshop will look at the latest research in immunology around the following subjects:

How the immune system works
Ways of meeting the immune system with BCST
Pivotal nature of blood brain barrier, gut, skin
Nature of white blood cells
Trauma and the immune system
Auto-immune disorders
Immune modulation by behavioural conditioning
The gut microbiome
Inflammatory conditions and neuroimmunology
Multi-disciplinary ways forward and how to suggest other forms of therapy