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This workshop is offered as a 4 day workshop for graduates in Australasia. There is a maximum of 20 participants for the online course. Attendance is compulsory on all four days. Once you register, a link for the workshop will be send to you. Please note this workshop does not qualify for a PACT discount.

The workshop is set up for teaching of course material via presentations, self awareness experiential exercises and also for hands on work. Attendees will need someone to practice on for the hands on sessions, and they will need to be available and on time in their learning space so as to keep the flow going for the whole group. We suggest you pair up with another graduate or a practice client.


This course looks at a practical approach to early embryology in BSCT and how to apply it in treatments. The course will explore the early forces of potency and relationships of fluids and form as we move from the Zygote to implantation. These primal forces and fields can define how we organise our formation as embryos and even organise how we meet the world we are to be born into. These arising forces of potency can help a deeper organisation of how we are meeting the present and how we treat our clients. The interplay between the conjoined fields of the fertilized ovum, the practitioner and the supporting environment generate the embryonic relational field. The course includes:

  • A look at potency within the inter cellular matrix . Mitosis . Relational field.
  • Embryonic relational fields and how these fields can bring about a deeper reorganization in your client.
  • How do we organize before the primal midines form? Treating without traditional midlines.
  • The zygote, treating the whole, dynamic stillness and potency. 
  • The organization and potency of meiosis - the first divide.
  • The creation of our first fluid space. We organise around spaces and cellular death. Necrosis.
  • The days leading up to the Blastocyst. Contraction and expansion. Shedding our first membrane.
  • Embedding into Mother. First connection.