This workshop will explore the deep core nuclei of the brain. Distinguish between grey and white matter - the way the brain is formed into cortex and fibre tracts and basal nuclei. The brain has the most remarkable neural flows and hot spots of activities. Each area of the brain will be mapped and discussed to create a supersensitive touch that enables you to differentiate areas and flows of the brain. In addition, exploring new research on the flow of CSF not just around the brain but washing through it. Neuroglial cells and neural stem cells will also be explored.

  • Glymphatic system
  • New research on glial cells and stem cells
  • Deep fibre tracts and the corpus collosum
  • Basal nuclei, insula, pre-frontal cortex
  • Limbic system in depth
  • Mapping key cortical centres
  • Feeling neurons and neurotransmitters
  • Brain plasticity and relational touch