This workshop looks at the nature of blood. We'll look at different aspects of the circulatory system in particular the major arteries and veins and their relationship to health and autonomic balance.

If you believe a lot of your consciousness is centred in your cells then blood, of which RBCs form 99%, is the most conscious part of you. RBCs are one of the few cells other than immune cells that are not fixed, so entering into a conscious relationship with them brings you in touch with a mobile potency.

RBCs have been shown to spin around a central axis and are highly motile like no other cell. It's an amazing phenomenon and a continuous surprise that within our bodies we are red. On the outside all kinds of colours but within we are red and white which are the colours of RBCs and collagen.

  • Explore the vasomotor system
  • Relate to the capillarized body
  • Red Blood Cell properties
  • Blood Midlines
  • Primary Respiration and Blood
  • Major vessels of the cardiovascular system
  • Blood and potency
  • ANS and Circulation