Sriya Rao is a wellness consultant, holistic health therapist and breathwork + meditation coach from India. She started her therapeutic journey as a Psychologist and soon ventured into holistic modalities seeking an integration of body and mind while enhancing vitality and reconnecting to inner resources. In 2016 Sriya completed a 2 year Masters in Yogic Science and began a small start-up of personalized yogic practice for adults, children and groups in Bangalore. In 2018 she graduated as a BCST therapist with Body Intelligence and practised as a travelling therapist in Vietnam, UAE and India finally moving to Torino, Italy in 2019 where she is currently grateful to share her practise with people from all walks of life. Sriya is passionate about integrating the ancient wisdom of eastern spirituality with the modern science of western therapies.

Sriya Rao - Tutor