Sivan began her journey into the world of healing at 2007 in the ILM training

A method that developed from Moshe Feldenkrais work and bio energy techniques.

From 2009 guided and thought the students of the training and worked as a therapist

Since 2014 she has been following her own way.

The cranial world was revealed to her through her work in movement   the wish to explore how we feel deep and prefund healing and health in a gentle touch and minimum intervention from an inner motion of the body  led her to the BCST training which she graduated in 2017.

 specialising in treating babies and infants when the entire family unit is included in every meeting.

gone through several trainings in safe trauma treatments.

inspired by nature and her different teachers among them is steve haines one of the school’s founders.

I aspire to find good health and joy in each person I meet.

sivan is a yoga practitioner love to dance, gaga, belly dancing or simply in her living room, a new mom to aner, living on the Mediterranean sea and holds a cranial practice in pardes chana .

Sivan Beeri - Tutor