In 2007 Sivan began her journey into the world of therapy. Studying a development and evolution of the Feldenkrais method (ILM), Sivan completed her studies and practiced  this method as a therapist along side guiding students in the training courses. After 7 years she went her own way and began to get more and more curious and immersed in the craniosacral world, She completed her studies at the Body Intelligence Institute and began an internship treating babies and kids. At the same time undertaking a training in the field of complex trauma known as - ‘Safe Base’. Today Sivan maintains a clinic in a few areas in Israel treating adults, babies and kids while the adults usually receiving a treatment combining mobility and cranial listening and while focusing on cranial work for babies and children. Sivan lives on the Mediterranean sea and tries to live as close to nature as possible. She loves music and has been a yoga practitioner for several years. Sivan is happy and excited to be assisting Body Intelligence training.
Sivan Beeri - Tutor