Ryan Hallford has been actively involved in the teaching and practice of craniosacral therapy since 1998. While having studied and appreciated many styles of cranial work, he has always gravitated to the biodynamic approach because of its capacity to unlock remarkably deep resources for healing and transformation. Ryan operates The Craniosacral Resource Center, a clinic offering treatment for adults and children, in Dallas, Texas. As the host of The Craniosacral Podcast, he is in regular contact with some of the most prominent figures in the world of craniosacral therapy and related fields. His podcast and blog are followed in over 20 countries, bringing insightful interviews with practitioners and teachers to craniosacral therapists all around the globe. Ryan believes in a fluid, balanced, and non-dogmatic approach to the clinical practice of CST. He is married with two children, and spends time in nature hiking and backpacking whenever possible.

Ryan Hallford - Senior Tutor