Nupam has graduated in marketing and sales management and worked successfully in the corporate sector for more than seven years. In 2008, she left the corporate world to follow her inner instinct to discover 'what she really desires to do in her life'. Her inner calling and passion for learning, led her to the world of self-exploration through yoga and spiritual traditions, cognitive-behaviour based programmes and then to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

For Nupam, BCST has brought a whole new level of awareness to know thyself through the healing process and has given her a holistic perception of health and wellness combining both science and spirituality. She completed her training in 2017 and thereafter, has been assisting with Body Intelligence to continue and expand her knowledge & skills. She practices in Delhi NCR and loves working with clients to re-build their relationship with their body and how to support their Health through self-regulation.

Nupam is a certified 'Heal your life' workshop leader, which specializes in the use of thought-feeling processes for managing emotional wellbeing. She is also a certified yoga therapist and has studied yoga for more than ten years from traditional schools of different lineages in India and still continues.

She likes dancing, being with nature, loves her little nephew and explores with healing food and cuisines.

Nupam Baswani - Tutor