Nikita Vasa is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Meru Chikitsa practitioner from Chennai. She runs 'Om Sante' a healing space that helps alleviate Chronic Pain and Trauma by offering modalities based on the principles of Health, Safety and Embodiment.

A meditation, breath-work practitioner, and volunteer associated with The Art of Living foundation, she is fascinated by the power and effect of conscious embodiment and neutral listening through health and vitality. She finds joy in supporting people with a body based approach to overcome trauma without having to relive it and helping them find freedom and safety in their being. She has done her Post-Graduation in BCST & Non Doing, and BCST and Trauma. She loves experimenting with different kinds of movement practices like Chi Kung, Feldenkrais, The Roger Frampton Method, Fascial Maneuvers and Pilates Reformer.

She has been a Teaching assistant with Body Intelligence from 2021, deepening her understanding of the work and refining her skills. Her approach to learning is comprehensive and she is available for students. Pre-BCST, she has done her Masters in Public Relations at the University of Westminster and headed variousSocial Media projects for the Art of Living International Center.

Nikita Vasa - Tutor