Naomi Chuah lives in Langley, British Columbia, where she practices Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and is the owner of a thriving holistic health clinic. For most of Naomi's adult life she's been curious about health, both body and psycho/emotional. She engages in lots of reading, always asking questions, always looking, listening, wondering what works for people and why. This was especially the case as health issues came up in her family. Starting with treating on a physical level, she eventually threw herself into learning how bodies heal through profoundly being seen, heard, and met through the presence and empathy of another human being.

As a Body Intelligence Graduate, Naomi continues to learn through post grads, workshops and classes about attachment theory, trauma, and the human psyche, and the intricate paradox of meeting needs, providing safety, and at the same time building tolerance to sensation and discovering resilience for all of life's experiences.

During Naomi's time off she rambles in the woods, sits in creeks, and swims in the river behind her work. She feels deeply grateful for the experience of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and loves to offer this therapy to others who are engaging in their own healing.

Naomi Chuah - Tutor