Maureen is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, completing her training with Body Intelligence in 2018. She is an Aucklander with a clinic set amongst native bush and birdsong in Titirangi.  She loves to work in the field of craniosacral therapy where, again and again, she can experience the awesomeness of Life – health orienting to itself as it taps into inner resources and the body’s natural intelligence and optimises conditions. She feels privileged to have work that strengthens the sensitivity of living in the present with insight and embodiment. Supporting her work is a committed practice of yoga since the 1990s, including a period of yoga teaching, and a regular practice of qi gong. Her earlier career was that of teaching at secondary and tertiary levels, with a special focus on teacher education. This has given her skills and understanding in meeting and honouring the different ways that individuals learn, explore and discover. She has a daughter and 3 beautiful grandsons to love and care for. Her joy and rejuvenation comes from being by rivers, lakes and ocean.

Maureen O'Brian - Assistant Tutor