Is your courage stuck inside you? Has trauma rendered you disconnected from your body? Have you searched everywhere for answers only to be left with more questions? Are you tired of being in pain? Are you seeking to reconnect with your own sacred ability to heal? 

I am here to show you that healing is possible. My name is Mary Gold and I educate clients on how the body stores emotions and trauma and teach the essential skills to release and heal those traumas. You already have everything you need to heal your body, mind and spirit. Through my training in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Meridian Massage Therapy, and as a mother of eight children, I provide a vast array of proven holistic techniques for balancing the autonomic nervous system, food education, vagal nerve toning, health Coach and bringing balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Most people who have experienced trauma are disconnected from their bodies. To heal, it is essential to learn how to feel the rhythms of your own body. Did you know that your liver moves in a figure eight? That your kidneys migrate ½ mile every day? That the fluid in your spine has a rhythm like waves of the sea? That these deep movements are the body’s way of saying yes and no? The body stores emotional experiences as a felt sense that shapes the way we perceive the world around us. 

I will teach you how to listen to your body, how to feel the rhythms of your organs, to notice where you are in your body, in this moment, on this planet. This is the path to healing. You will learn how to track the movements, how your body expresses, how to resource health from within and how to trust what your body is saying. Your body holds every single thing you need, every moment, every memory as well as the knowledge to heal. I will show you how to access this wealth of knowledge and use it to transform your health.

My deep love and passion for cranial sacral therapy comes from a traumatic personal experience. My 5- year-old daughter broke her sphenoid bone in an accident. Western medicine did not offer healing and led me to search the outskirts of modern-day medicine. My daughter found relief of symptoms, wholeness and deep healing with cranial sacral work. And I found a calling that has led me to where I am today.

I run the Ceiba Healing Centre located in Flathead Valley of northern Montana, with a team of holistic practitioners. I have a strong foundation working with children and adult clients with head trauma, concussions/TBI and PTSD related to head trauma as well as clients with childhood trauma, grief and pregnancy/birth trauma. I offer monthly classes for clients seeking guidance for nutrition, accelerating their healing through detoxification group cleanses and embodiment practices. The primary goal of the Ceiba Healing Center is to teach you how to resource health through the breath of life, dance within your own rhythm and awaken the gift of stillness within the quantum field through an array of techniques designed to reconnect you with your own innate power to heal.

When your truth speaks, there is a pause in the rhythms of your body and this is where your light comes through. Allow me to offer support & hold space as you uncover your light and embark upon a healing journey within your own body.

Mary Gold - Tutor