Mark is a Senior Tutor with BI and a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist based partly in northern Thailand and partly in Spain. He discovered his passion for energetics and bodywork through Vipassana meditation and Reiki, before finding a natural affinity with BCST and its powerful integration of anatomy and intuition. Mark’s approach to healing is informed by his previous career as a legal researcher and advocate on behalf of those at risk of abuse, including refugees, prisoners and vulnerable minorities. He became aware of the direct and vicarious effects of trauma in this work and is particularly interested in BCST as modality to help those suffering from PTSD. Mark is also a certified leadership coach specialising in the use of mindfulness for managing stress, promoting behavioural change and enhancing leadership. By taking a holistic approach that harnesses the intuitive power of the heart as well as the cognitive skills of the brain, he enjoys helping his clients challenge their conditioning, tap into their resources and find greater fulfilment in their lives. Mark is originally from the UK, but has also studied and worked in Hong Kong, China and Japan. He moved to Thailand with his partner in 2009 and they live in the beautiful valley of Pai near Chiang Mai. Alongside his work with Body Intelligence, Mark also facilitates mindfulness-based coaching programs for individuals and organizations:

Mark Allison - Senior Tutor