Dr D’Amore has been practicing her dynamic blend of acupuncture, nutritional counseling, chiropractic, meditation, yoga and Tai Qi for more than 30 years in Newport Beach, California. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy brings the dimensions of wholeness, resonance, stillness and vitality to her practice in one complete package. Her philosophical foundation is based on the principle that the life force (aka as Qi, Prana, the Breath of Life) will find its most optimal state of well being and will move towards a deepening of vitality as its natural rhythmic powers are supported and the constrictions of trauma, be it physical, mental, emotional or psychic, are softened and reduced. That all things throughout the multiverse resonate as an interconnected whole and that the infinite, unbounded, nonjudgmental nature of love and oneness motivates the path towards wellness and optimum functioning for all. It is her desire to increase the well being of all through self-awareness and resonance with nature and to bring wisdom and appreciation for the beauty and fullness of the earth as Gaia so to achieve a sustainable, peaceful and bountiful existence for all beings.

Marianne D'Amore - Senior Tutor