Liz Kirkman lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand. Hailing from a performance background, spending almost 20 years teaching embodiment through performance and voice and through physical work as a fitness instructor of barre, HIIT and TRX. She has assisted on the Body Intelligence trainings since 2013, presenting since 2015. Liz is a passionate advocate for those learning to better come into relationship with themselves and how this can then help others. She has thrived on the continued postgraduate learnings around emotions, the vagus and nervous system regulation, potency, stillness and pre and perinatal psychology, and seen her clients flourish when integrating this into her clinical practice. Working with all ages, she continues to be humbled by what people's systems share in the clinic room, from their embryological origins, pre and postnatal challenges and joys, working with grief, stroke, digestion issues, concussion and more. The last few years, deepening into this work with clients on retreat in Bali. For more on Liz please see

Liz Kirkman - Senior Tutor