Lauren is a practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist based on Quadra Island, British Columbia. She completed her BCST training with Body Intelligence teachers Ged Sumner, Steve Haines, and Sheila Kean. Her bodywork practice emerged organically from a background in biology and environmental studies, particularly marine and freshwater ecology. She began studying with massage therapists in college, later taking courses in holistic massage and anatomy, including relaxation and deep tissue massage, Trager and facilitated joint release, and Alexander technique. As her massage practice developed, she learned the importance of actively engaging clients in the healing process. Her search for deeper, more efficient and long-lasting healing modalities led her to the profound work of BCST. Lauren continues to balance her inner and outer work with human bodies and their environments, maintaining a fulfilling massage and craniosacral practice called Bodies of Water, and studying local watersheds in the Pacific Northwest. She supports her practice through yoga, Qi Kung, and spending time on and in the water.

Lauren Miller - Senior Tutor