Jade has been interested in everything about the body, healing and traditional medicine since she was young, regularly receiving massages from her Malaysian Grandmother who shared simple techniques with her on how to listen through her hands. Inspired by those early experiences Jade trained in Shiatsu and Thai massage throughout her teens and early twenties. She has completed several yoga teacher trainings and over ten years developed her own practice and teacher training in somatic yin for movers and bodyworkers that focusses on slow, enquiry based movements. The arc of Jade’s work in both touch and movement continued to deepen and decelerate and incorporate the subtle phenomena of stillness and nervous system regulation which naturally led her to biodynamic craniosacral therapy. She finds that both receiving and practicing BCST meets her needs for authentic, gentle connection and she appreciates both the depth of anatomical understanding it requires as well as the respect for the mystery of life. In 2020 after being an assistant  tutor on BI trainings for five years she stepped into a role as a senior tutor.

Jade is consistently inspired by the wisdom that emerges from sacred witnessing through touch and the phenomena of dynamic stillness. As a lifelong learner her studies in BCST continue with Franklyn and Cherionna Sills at the Karuna Institute and with other postgraduate courses. She is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and a somatic counsellor in training. She hosts private retreats and trainings and has worked in osteopathic clinics in Dubai, ran a private practice and worked in detox and rehabilitation centres in Thailand and has consulted at destination spas around Europe and Asia. 

Recently Jade has relocated her practice to Suffolk in the UK. She is an avid amateur potter, loves to celebrate the seasons and forage for wild food and participates in women’s mysteries, ceremonial circles and drumming. Her greatest passion is to be in the crucible of learning, to share, experience and understand more about our bodies and minds and guide transformational experiences relating to self and health. She has a passion for the work that is inclusive, anatomically nerdy and rooted in kindness and is devoted to empowering students and sharing experiences of being and belonging with a great presence of heart.

Jade Wood - Senior Tutor