I was born in the Czech Republic and my ancestors come from Austria and Poland. I loved backpacking to all corners of Europe, and I spent 4 months in India once. I lived in Ireland twice for longer periods of time where I first experienced and then studied Biodynamic CST with Body Intelligence in Galway. I feel like a global citizen who loves his place of birth, which is Silesia with all its specifics. I am father of two wonderful kids. My life is a colourful journey and I have been blessed with plenty opportunities to meet interesting people. I am an open-minded and curious individual who tries to find an inspiration in all circumstances. I studied Economics first and English for teachers at primary schools later. I studied as a massage therapist and Spinal Stabilisation instructor. Just recently, I was admitted as a student of Transpersonal Psychology (5 years Stanislav Grof Legacy training) starting in April 2021. I have taken part in numerous tantric and shamanic workshops. We are about to open a BCST Clinic in a Neuromedical Centre Arcada in Ostrava, Czech Republic where we plan on opening yet another branch of Body Intelligence training. I have my own clinic in a polish town, Pszow where I live with my family. My deepest passion is human beings and the body, mind and soul. I keep exploring the way we all experience our journey and how we see and understand the story of our life. The biodynamic approach fascinates me every session with my clients and teaches me to listen and respect the forces which create and organise the body.

David Linzer - Tutor