David is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Qi gong movement teacher in Edinburgh and West Lothian. He began his journey with therapeutic work and tai qi, qi gong and meditation and philosophical study and inquiry around 30 years ago although worked in construction commercial management for many years supporting family, often in a high stress environment before leaving through health challenges and going on to train and work as a Craniosacral therapist. This transition has supported his own recovery as well enabling him to be of support to others in their challenges. His clinical practice includes working with adults and women of all age groups and has more recently also involved working with clients with autism and mothers and babies. His interests include qi gong and tai qi practice and sharing through movement and sound Alchemy sessions (including a passion for Native American style flutes). Love of nature, spending time in the woods, by rivers and lochs and the sea is such an enjoyable resource. Lifelong motorcycle and martial arts enthusiast, inspiring flow and free movement. Inspiring Presence.

David Finlayson - Assistant Tutor