Throughout life I’ve been always passionate about movement and bodies and the dynamics between what we sense, what we do, and how we feel. I’ve played many sports as a teenager and have studied and teach yoga and dance as an adult, focusing on release techniques, improvisation and contact improvisation. On this path I’ve also finished a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Therapy and worked mainly with toddlers and their families. At that time I also worked as a Doula and gave birth to my three beautiful children as well. After many years of movement research I was curious to deepen and explore stillness and reflection. I’ve been a BCST practitioner since 2015 and I work with adults, children and babies. I use all my resources and experience to acknowledge as much as possible of the human experience through craniosacral touch. I teach movement and dance,  grow garden vegetables and work in my orchard and love spending time with my kids.

Dafna Hemmendinger - Tutor