Cristina Franco Carrión, graduated in 2008 as a Physiotherapist in Malaga and later certified as an Osteopath at the Madrid School of Osteopathy (EOM). She completed training in Myofascial Induction Therapy (Andrej Pilat). Subsequently, she trained at the Upledger Institute in Cranio-Sacral Therapy-Somato-Emotional Release and Meningeal Approach.

She had the opportunity to receive great teachings from José Luis Pérez Batlle, Diego Maggio (Advanced TCS Course) and Carol McLellan in the Obstetric CranioSacral Therapy training at the Upledger Institute in Mexico City.

“I received as a gift, the opportunity to participate as an assistant in CranioSacral Therapy I and II, a path that deeply nourished me and aroused in me the concern of wanting to continue traveling the path of teaching.

My professional training has gone hand in hand with my own personal process, an inseparable tandem that would mark the course of my steps, and listening to them, the clarity to continue on my path of self-knowledge.

I complemented my training in CranioSacral Therapy with training in Gestalt Therapy, and later, and after 7 years of individual work in consultation, in 2018, I opened FisioAzul as a multidisciplinary center, in which I have the privilege of sharing my day to day with three osteopaths, a clinical podiatrist-posturologist, a Gestalt therapist, a specialist in clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and a therapist specialized in perinatal therapy.

We are currently a reference center in the care of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in pediatrics and adults at the national level.

In 2019 I continue my journey as a teacher teaching Fascial Therapy applied to postural control at the University of Seville, a current collaboration.

In 2021, I had the great honor of participating as a volunteer with the Hands with Heart Foundation, in Costa Rica, contributing my grain of sand as a Physiotherapist and Osteopath, helping families at risk of social exclusion. 

In 2022 I am certified as a Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapist (Body Intelligence Training) in Madrid, where I had the opportunity to meet Juana María Pascual Cifre and receive important teachings for my life and my clinical practice, a turning point that would provide me with the tools I needed on a personal and professional level to be able to relate to myself and my environment from a place of listening and authenticity”.

Cristina Franco Carrión - Assistant Tutor