Avner came into the world of therapy after 10 years as a publishing poet and a sound artist. During his years in the academy (MA in literature from TAU), Avner became more and more interested in creative collaboration and the art of deep listening. “how do we connect?”, “how do we synchronize?”, “how can we meet each other on a deeper level?”, these are the questions that led his research and artistic endeavors. These are also the questions that eventually led him to do the Body Intelligence training.

Avner sees himself as a cranial enthusiast, and giving Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy is a huge thing for him. He is amazed by the subtilities of the work, and by the endless healing power of wise listening. Avner works in several clinics around south Tel Aviv Yafo, treating mostly adults. Avner is a young father, and his son is also a big fan of BCST. Avner is very happy to be part of the Body Intelligence team.
Avner Amit - Tutor