Almog started her journey in the world of body and mind in 2008, through the practice of Yoga and meditation, and has been practicing Shadow Yoga ever since. Almog continues to deepen in this field and to walk the path under the guidance of her teacher. In 2012 Almog began teaching yoga in groups and in private training In 2016 Almog recieved training to become a yoga teacher for pregnant and postpartum women, and began training women. At 2017 she decided to develop her therapeutic skills and her ability of touch, and began BCST practitionaer training in Body Intelligence. During the Body Intelligence training, she discovered that there are tangent lines between these two modalities of practice- something that continues to inspire and fascinate her. Today she treats adults, pregnant women, babies and mothers. She is now training as a lactation counsultant and aims to deepen into the field of infant

Almog Klein - Assistant Tutor