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This page has been added to let people searching for courses in Ireland know about the course in Northern Ireland. Gilford, Co Down is easily accessible from Dublin. 

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Body Intelligence offers a 2 year practitioner course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Gilford, Northern Ireland for existing health professionals considering adding a new modality to their work as well as individuals wanting to start a career in an exciting and evolving therapy. 

PLEASE NOTE: Participants can attend the first seminar without committing to the full course. This seminar is an introduction into basic contact skills and relating to biodynamic movements and will provide an opportunity to experience the approach and appreciate the extent of the curriculum.

Gilford Ireland 2019 Course Dates (2019 - 2020 - 2021)

Seminar Scheduled Date Planned Tutor/s
Sem 1 02-Oct-2019 - 06-Oct-2019 Jane Shaw
Sem 2 04-Dec-2019 - 08-Dec-2019 Jane Shaw
Sem 3 26-Feb-2020 - 01-Mar-2020 Gareth Toner
Sem 4 27-May-2020 - 31-May-2020 Steve Haines
Sem 5 23-Sep-2020 - 27-Sep-2020 Jane Shaw
Sem 6 02-Dec-2020 - 06-Dec-2020 Gareth Toner
Sem 7 03-Feb-2021 - 07-Feb-2021 Jane Shaw
Sem 8 14-Apr-2021 - 18-Apr-2021 Steve Haines
Sem 9 30-Jun-2021 - 04-Jul-2021 Jane Shaw
Sem 10 08-Sep-2021 - 12-Sep-2021 Gareth Toner

Above dates may differ slightly due to operational reasons or unavoidable circumstances.

Intro Talks

Intro Webinar: Touch and Trauma, Steve Haines
Date: 29 Oct 2019, 6.30pm to 7.45pm
Venue: Online Webinar Register Here
Cost: Free 
Intro Eve: Steve Haines
Time: 7 Nov 2019, 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Venue: Elmfield Institute, 23 Moyallan Rd, Gilford, Craigavon BT63 6JX
Cost: Free

For more details, to just chat about the course, or register interest please contact:

Gareth Toner, email: garethjtoner@gmail.com or mob: 07771 546933

Jane Shaw, email jane@janeshaw.co.uk or mob: 07974 159460


Elmfield Institute, 23 Moyallan Rd, Gilford, Craigavon BT63 6JX Northern Ireland

We are thrilled to be able to offer a training at the wonderful Elmfield Institute. Elmfield is easy distance from Belfast and Dublin. The main teaching room is very light and spacious. There are extensive, beautiful grounds to explore.

Fees & Payment

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To confirm your place please pay the deposit as soon as possible. Payment of £575 acts as the required deposit for confirmation of your place on the course as well as covering the first seminar. You can attend seminar one with out committing to the whole training. Payment via bank transfer only ('Make Payment' button will not work). The training offers three ways of paying:

Payment Plans

Deposit - £575 (non refundable) is required upon acceptance. Remainder to be paid according to the following payment options:

Plan 1 - Deposit plus discount early bird fee - non refundable.
Early bird payment £4825 due immediately after seminar one
Full amount comes to £5400

Plan 2 - Deposit plus 3 instalments
First instalment £1725 due immediately after seminar one 
Second instalment £1725 due immediately after seminar four
Third instalment £1725 due immediately after seminar six
Full amount comes to £5750

Plan 3 - Deposit plus 20 monthly instalments
20 monthly instalments of £271 (includes administration fee). First instalment is due immediately after seminar one
Full amount comes to £5995

Entry into a payment plan is deemed to be a commitment to paying the whole course fee. Fees are non refundable, for full details please read https://www.bodyintelligence.com/course-criteria 

Payment is via bank transfer to a UK bank. Bank details are sent after an application has been approved.  

Privacy Policy

Body Intelligence Gilford, Northern Ireland is organised by Steve Haines via The Whole Body Ltd. 

All monies collected will be via the The Whole Body Ltd, 46 St Albans Villas, London, NW5 1QY, Registered Company No: 4651143. 

For more on The Whole Body Ltd and the privacy policy please use link: 

Once your application has been approved you can come back and make a payment



Upon successful completion of the training you will be certified as a biodynamic craniosacral therapy practitioner.