It fascinates me to observe how life invites us to explore ever new chapters to deepen and expand. Many health journeys are these invitations to grow. Born and raised in West-Berlin, Germany, I worked with families living in extreme poverty in and around Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany, where I studied historical anthropology and education and specialized in embodied art therapy. Inspired by my yoga practice, I wrote my bachelors on art and embodiment and my masters on the history of embodiment. By then I was teaching in the context of an interdisciplinary research project and finished my PhD with honours on embodiment, community and rituals.

Moving out of this urban life style, the wild years of Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I arrived in Armstrong, BC of all places to live with my shining husband, some wilder children and all kinds of animals to root into the earth of this stunning land. I began to offer yoga and meditation classes and sessions for several healing modalities that I gathered over the years.

As Craniosacral Therapy found me, all these approaches weaved together in the biodynamic expression of emotionally integrated somatic healing. It is the listening to stories within the tissues, the potential of growth within the contraction, the polyrhythmic flow of health, of life, just waiting to express, that calls me in. In these moments, when a freeze of trauma melts back into the river of life and the body-mind reconnects to deeper resources of health, it seems like the Breath of Life lifts the person out of past confinement and into an expanded field of flowing light.

Victoria Jacob - Assistant Tutor