Sonia is a physiotherapist and osteopath who found in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy the perfect field to satisfy both her vocation to help other people to embody their best version as her huge interest in personal growth and spirituality. She is passionate about human functioning in all its dimensions, especially physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Her training began exploring the most physical aspect, the most bodily, to evolve towards a holistic vision (although always anchored in the body), which has meant an intense journey of self-discovery and healing supported by meditation, the cultivation of compassion and trust and the discovery of stillness. Sonia has trained with Robert Harris, Mike Boxhall, Jaap Van der Wal, Katherine Ukleja, Bruno Chikli, Andrjez Pilat. Aware of the importance of travel and not destiny, she continues to deepen her clinical practice, her face as a teacher and his commitment to her spirituality.
Sonia de Diego Babarro - Senior Tutor