Sarah Bury is a marine research scientist by training, with an understanding of biological and environmental systems. This training reinforced her beliefs in a holistic universe, where land, water and organisms are intricately and homeostatically linked, always striving towards equilibrium and balance. She has dedicated much of her life to understanding environmental processes and how the natural world functions as a single unit. Now, after 30 years of receiving biodynamic craniosacral therapy, she has a similar fascination and passion for understanding the body and all the processes that support the health and life force of individuals. Spending a large part of her life either on, or in, the water has given her a deep appreciation of tidal and fluid motions and life-force energies. As a biodynamic craniosacral therapist this has helped her to access full health and potential in herself and her clients. She specialises in working with clients who have experienced autoimmune issues, chronic stress and pain, and severe trauma, and believes being part of these transformational journeys, seeing people turn their lives around, is a privilege and gift.

Sarah trained in 2016 in Wellington and after qualifying, set up a clinic on the beautiful Kapiti coast just north of Paekakariki. She has assisted on the BI trainings in Wellington since 2018, and from 2020 has been a BI tutor assistant. The Wellington seminars are held at her Kapiti coast 24-acre rural retreat, where she and her partner and two adult children are following a lifetime ambition of living off the land in harmony and re-establishing the native bush and wetland habitats.

Sarah Bury - Assistant Tutor