Renee Hella (RCST) trained in biodynamic craniosacral therapy in 2004 with a team of therapists from the UK. Renee has been working with food and digestion from many different angles all her life. Growing up in Papua New Guinea she developed a fascination with food preparation rituals and has been exploring the relationships between gut and culture for decades. After getting a bachelors in anthropology she went on to work as a professional chef around the globe before finding BCST and deepening her interest in food by exploring the physical and social aspects of the enteric nervous system via somatic anthropology. Renee also studied Pre and Perinatal Psychology with Myrna Martin and works with families, assisting mothers and babies with any birth trauma, attachment issues and breast feeding. This includes working with children, teenagers and adults with eating disorders and/or addictions. Her clinic specializes in gut shock resulting from difficult birth, physical, sexual, emotional and/or chemical trauma with a multi-dimensional approach including ancestral patterns, PTSD, diet and microbiome.

Renee Hella - Guest Tutor