Mary Ganzon began her relationship with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy while opening Pilates studios in Singapore in 2004. It only took one session to realize the depth of the work. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy brought a wider and inclusive dimension of well-being. The concept that health is never lost becomes a therapeutic and healing experience through awareness, felt sense, and relationship. Not long after, she returned to the United States and trained at the Colorado Energy School with John and Anna Chitty in Boulder, Colorado. A devoted inquiry to how the Health is expressed leads her to a commitment to continuing education and post graduate study. Her clientele ranges from those with working with creative blocks, trauma, chronic pain and illness, pre and post-operative care. Mary loves the body, it’s language of anatomy and sensation,holder of experiences, and the galaxies it holds. This love fuels her teaching and bodywork practice, her performance work in dance, and studies in many movement modalities including Body-Mind Centering©, Continuum, Pilates™, ELDOA , 3-D Workout ™, and qi gong and Trager Therapy. She brings to her teaching and practice an ease and inquiry to connect to one’s internal and external world. Mary lives and cultivates a thriving practice in Toronto.

Mary Ganzon - Senior Tutor