Lucille Rayner is a practicing Craniosacral Therapist trained in the biodynamic field through Body Intelligence. Based in Calgary Canada, Lucille balances her practice at home and at Serenity Now Wellness Centre. Serenity is an integrative facility with a diverse team of wellness practitioners, from psychologists to bodyworkers, supporting holistic health from a multifaceted approach. Curiosity about the body, its systems and how to support optimal health for oneself and others has been a longtime passion for Lucille. With over ten years experience in the natural health industry she fell in love with the study of essential oils, herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga. Becoming certified as a Craniosacral therapist was a natural evolution of her passion for supporting people on their own wellness journey. She continues to expand personal practice as well as knowledge base by working closely with mentors and assisting instructors at Body Intelligence. She is currently studying to be a Chi Kung teacher. Lucille is excited to support and nurture a felt-sense relationship with the wisdom that is the human physiology. To help create a safe and informed container for people to feel their body, remembering it’s innate intelligence and grand capacity to heal. She is devoted to helping build a relationship of trust in the health of her clients, allowing them to be the empowered leaders of their own experience.

Lucille Rayner - Assistant Tutor