Laura Taylor is a holistic veterinarian in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Early in her career she pursued training in veterinary chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy. However her real love was craniosacral therapy and over a 15 year period she took courses in human CST (Upledger Institute) since training in animal CST was and still is uncommon. Her anatomy knowledge as a veterinarian enabled her to adapt human CST techniques to the small and large quadruped. Keen to learn other aspects of osteopathy Laura pursued courses in visceral manipulation through the Upledger/Barral Institutes. She also completed a part-time 2 year certification program in equine osteopathy in the US (Vluggen Institute). In 2009 Laura took part in the first Body Intelligence training offered in Canada. It was in this program that she truly found her ‘tribe’ and the training not only beautifully integrated all her prior knowledge in conventional and alternative medicine but also provided a language to the style of CST practice she had been doing with animals for years.

Her current veterinary practice is 100% BCST/visceral osteopathy along with some acupuncture and homeopathy. Laura’s scope of practice is limited to neurological and musculoskeletal cases and her case load is typically 50% equine and 50% small animals. She enjoys the variety and challenges of working on cats and dogs (everything from sporting dogs to geriatrics) as well as horses. Living in a part of Canada with a large equine population Laura is able to treat a variety of horses including pleasure horses, working ranch horses, retired geriatrics and sport horses from numerous equestrian disciplines. On a personal level she loves living near the mountains and enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing and photography.

Laura Taylor - Guest Tutor