Jorge Sánchez Mateos began his career as a therapist fascinated by the potential of manual contact obtaining a degree in Physiotherapy, a D.O. in Osteopathy and a Diploma of University Expert in Technical Therapy in Acupuncture by the Complutense University of Madrid. His interest has always been about the nature of the relational sphere in the therapeutic encounter. The observation of the common elements in this has been researched with Javier Rodriguez in the project Hands-On, Soul, science and consciousness for the human growth of the practitioner. His clinical practice has been developed since 2004 in LeKiné. Jorge has had the opportunity to train with Andrjez Pilat, James Feil, Mike Boxhall, Bruno Chikly, Katherine Ukleja, Roger Gilchrist, Robert Harris, Alain Savoie, Philippe Campignion. Currently he continues to learn and share with our knowledge as a teacher in Tupimek, FBEO and various national conferences.
Jorge Sánchez Mateos - Senior Tutor