I first studied craniosacral osteopathy, graduated in 2016 from Radek Neškrabal and then worked as an assistant in the training of craniosacral osteopathy with elements of biodynamics for the following three years. Since 2017, I have been a member of the Czech Craniosacral Association as a professional therapist. In 2018 and 2019, I attended two Roger Gilchrist seminars, which gave me an even deeper insight into craniosacral biodynamics and the neuroenergetic approach. I am taking training in craniosacral biodynamics at Body Intelligence Training in Ostrava. I practice at the Arcada Neurorehabilitation Center in Ostrava and provide therapies to adults and children with congenital defects, mental disabilities and autism. Another group of my clients are people in psychospiritual emergency and people addicted to drugs.
I came to craniosacral therapy at the time of my deepest existential crisis.I was divorced, my son was an addict, I had a severe autoimmune diseases, and my financial situation was on the verge of poverty. My original profession was IT consultant and SW tester. Everything was gone. During a very challenging psychospiritual emergency period 2012-2013, I went through a big transformation and craniosacral therapy brought me back to life, showed me the way. It saved my life.
My wish is to be here for other human beings who feel lost and don't know what to do next. Since 2018, I have been doing small courses of craniosacral therapy for ordinary people. Since 2020, I have also been conducting seminars for therapists and bodyworkers specializing in vagus nerve and Poylvagal therapy as well as fascia and extracellular matrix.
I am a mother of three adult children and have three grandchildren so far. I live in nature near Ostrava and my life has become simple and loving. Craniosacral therapy is my great love and passion.

Inka Ticha - Tutor