Hilary is a registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist based in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. She is passionate about the transformative power of learning. Her journey to BCST began with her keen interest in anatomy and rehabilitation as a physiotherapist. It was her passion for youthfulness, authenticity and creativity that lead her to pursue a career in teaching. She then went on to complete a Masters in Counselling Psychology. While working in this field for 12 years Hilary felt called towards somatic healing modalities. In BCST she found a therapy with the capacity to access deeply stored experiences in a gentle, supported and individual way. She is excited by the capability of BCST to enhance vitality and resources while also addressing both physiological and emotional states. She brings a sense of delighted discovery when discussing and practising BCST. At the same time she embraces a new way of relating to her own system and the broader fields. Further experiential course work in Qi Gong and meditation brings depth to her clinical work.

Hilary has immense gratitude and a sense of awe for the natural world around her. She is in the process of establishing her combined practise as an RCST and Canadian Certified Counsellor in Cochrane, Alberta.

Hilary Frazer - Assistant Tutor