Health and wellness is a lifelong passion for me. I started my career in Nursing and developed a strong interest in the principles of natural health. As a consequence to this I went on to study Osteopathy, completing my training in 2001. At that time I worked a lot with mothers and babies and ran an osteopathic practice in Dublin. Over time my focus of interest became centred around the field of cranial work and the study and practice of Biodynamics. As part of that journey I completed my training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 2012. Currently I work clinics in Dublin and Clonmel. Along with treating Adults I continue to enjoy working with babies and children. I am currently completing a 3 year Paediatric diploma course in Osteopathy and I'm loving it! I have a special interest in autoimmune dysfunction in children and have given talks about health and wellness with GutsyKids, a support group for parents of children with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. When I'm not working I love being with my family and soaking up the wildness and wonderful beauty of the west of Ireland. I enjoy meditation and Argentinian Tango and practice both as much as possible.

Gina Whelan - Assistant Tutor