Bharti has been a complementary practitioner of various Ayurveda treatments, Myofacial Remedial Massage and Reflexology since 1998. Working in Central London and also in yoga retreats in Europe and Turkey. Bharti has been working as a BCST since 2012, when her outlook to how she worked in all her other therapies changed, bringing a 'Biodynamic Cranio' perspective to her sessions. She works with clients of all ages including babies, she is based in Melbourne. She has a special interest in treatments designed for chronic fatigue, stress related issues and many aspects of fertility and pregnancy support. Having grown up in a family that took yoga, meditation and massages as part of growing up, she has felt the benefits of different types of therapies from a very young age. She is passionate about helping to create accountability and better attitudes towards health, leading to body awareness and self empowerment. Her other interests include jogging, dancing, hiking, skiing when she can!, connecting with nature, travelling and watching thrillers and comedy shows!

Bharti Odedra - Assistant Tutor