Barbara is a practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in Kelowna, BC. She began her BCST training in 2013 and thoroughly appreciates the atmosphere shift that has come with working in the Biodynamic field. Barbara has worked as a registered physiotherapist for 14 years in the Netherlands and New Zealand. Her work experience in the Netherlands includes working in the psychosomatic rehabilitation and psychiatric field. In New Zealand, she mainly worked in private practice specializing in chronic pain, muscle balancing and back-to-work rehabilitation. She specifically enjoyed working as a certified BradCliff® Method practitioner assessing and treating breathing pattern disorders and dysfunction. After moving to Canada, BCST was meant to supplement her physiotherapy career, but she became immersed in the Biodynamic world and never looked back. To Barbara, BCST takes the traditional manner of looking at “what’s wrong” and how it can be “fixed” and instead supports the body and mind in healing, not fixing. This form of therapy provides resolution of trauma rather than temporary relief and is an immersive whole body approach that truly honours the innate wisdom of our bodies. Barbara takes this approach and carries it through in her private practice.
Barbara Vaandrager - Assistant Tutor