Alberto is a physiotherapist, osteopath and biodynamic craniosacral therapist. He grew up being passionate about sports and basketball, to which he has dedicated many years of his life, also combining it with his studies at the musical conservatory.

From a young age he already knew that he would devote himself to the study of the human body and the care of people, so he began studying physiotherapy by pure vocation. Then he studied myofascial induction and osteopathy for another 6 years, and it was there that he discovered craniosacral therapy by Javier Rodríguez, with whom he has trained in addition to Andrzej Pilat and Robert Harris, among others. In 2015 he began regularly attending to "presence in stillness" retreats with Mike Boxhall, and now he continues with them and their teaching through Kiril Yurievich.

For Alberto, craniosacral biodynamics is a way of working with his patients, but above all it is a way of living, of relating to everything that happens and one of the most respectful and deep ways of developing self-knowledge and personal and spiritual growth. , besides being one of the most powerful methods of allowing the body to recover its capacity for self-healing.

Now he combines his hours of clinical practice, teaching in different schools and universities and his studies with his regular practice of ashtanga yoga, a discipline that seems really healing physically and mentally.
Alberto Blanco Martinez - Senior Tutor